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Yuusaku Tsunemura
Anime | Shoukanjuu
Kanji 常村 勇作
Romaji Tsunemura Yūsaku
Character Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Family N/A
Class Rank Class 3-A
Suit Red Heavy Armor
Equipment Spike Ring
Light Novel Debut Volume 2
Anime Debut Matsuri OVA: Day 1
Seiyuu Kōsuke Okano
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Yuusaku Tsunemura (常村 勇作 Tsunemura Yūsaku) is one of the main antanogists in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. He is a student in Class 3-A at Fumizuki Academy and is good friends with his classmate Shunpei Natsukawa, which earned them the nickname "Tokonatsu Duo" or "Tsunekawa Duo" in English (a combination of the first kanji of their surnames) by Yuuji Sakamoto.


Yusaku has brown, spiked hair. He is normally seen in his school uniform.



He first appeared in the OVA of the series,[1] where he and Shunpei went to Class 2-F's Chinese cafe and ate the sesame dumpling Himeji made. After complaining about the business, he was kicked by Yuuji and spread some false rumors regarding the Class F's business. In the tournament, they faced Akihisa and Yuuji and he was teamed up with Shunpei. Although the Tokonatsu duo got the upper hand, they were defeated by the combined efforts of Akihisa and Yuuji.

Tsunemura and Natsukawa make a comeback on episode 12 of the second season, once again, becoming antagonists when the principal announces a Test of Courage. The duo agree to play the monsters along with the other third years, just to get back at Akihisa and Yuuji. During the event, Tsunemura made a confession of love to Hideyoshi, something completely unexpected and shocking to Akihisa and the other 2-F students. It even caused Hideyoshi to scream (albeit unheard by the audience). It was actually a love poem, but Tsunemura tried confessing again soon after, so it may have been suggested that he may actually be in love with Hideyoshi.

Summoned Being[]

His shoukanjuu wears red heavy armor and wields a spiked ring.




  1. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu OVA Matsuri: Day 1


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