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Please fill in the correct answer into the blank provided.

“The force that combines molecules in liquids and solids is called ( ).”

Mizuki Himeji’s answer:

“(Van der Waals) force.”

Teacher’s comment:

“Correct. It is also known as intermolecular force. Please mind that Van der Waals force is easily confused with Coulomb’s force.”

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“(Wandervogel)[1] force.”

Teacher’s comment:

At least you still have some idea what the answer sounds like. Unfortunately, the answer is not the force of climbing mountains, but the force between molecules.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“(Work) force”

Teacher’s comment:

I don’t hate your answer. [1][2] “You failed even at such a good moment, you useless garbage”

I felt like crying.

“Sakamoto-kun, what did you mean by "you failed"?”

Once we were back in class F, we gathered around Yuuji’s seat. Yuuji, the main organizer of the Summoning War against Class D, seemed to have finished his job. And he was just sitting there, sighing while shaking his head.

“You still dare to talk?! Because you idiot ran away at the last minute, all our efforts are in vain now. After witnessing such a scene, no one in their right mind would believe that Shimada and Akihisa are in a relationship.”

Then, Yuuji hit my head with a rolled-up script.

Muu......I was thinking about my beet red wrist at that moment, and didn’t even know what happened. Did my acting skills really suck?

“I’d say, the only good news is that Shimada looks as if she harbors affection for Yoshii…… but this alone won’t be enough to cause that Shimizu to freak out.”

Hideyoshi, who was standing beside Yuuji, let out a sigh. If it was just Yuuji alone saying it, I wouldn’t have minded, but now that even Hideyoshi said that, then it must be true. Damn it, we failed again……

“Even if you want to have another go, Shimada is still quite pissed off, and you even happily came back to class together with Himeji......”

I turned my head to look at Minami’s seat, which was pretty far from Yuuji’s, but Minami just let out a “Hmmph” and looked away when she noticed me. It’s over for me; she looks mad.

“I…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone back to class together with Akihisa-kun, it would have been weird if Minami-chan and Akihisa-kun were having a relationship for real……”

“Actually, there shouldn’t be any problem since both of you are classmates....I’d think that the real problem was that Akihisa dumped Shimada, and then you two came back for now. Ignoring what others think, Shimada’s thoughts are obvious, right?”

Although it was all just an act, I, who was acting as Minami’s boyfriend, came back to class with Himeji-san instead, so this must’ve hurt Minami’s pride. I never meant for that to happen all along……

“Never mind that, Akihisa, you should apologize to Shimada.”

Yuuji pointed at her direction with his chin.

Yuuji’s right. Minami was angry at me all along. She agreed to act with me even though she was reluctant, and I embarrassed her in the end. This must’ve been very unreasonable to her. I should really apologize to her.

“You’re right. I’ll apologize to her now.”

I stood up and walk towards Minami’s seat.

Although my intentions were good, it still couldn’t change the fact that I hurt her.

“Minami, about that……”

I stuttered to Minami, who was unhappy and gazing outside the window.

“……What do you want?”

She might have replied, but she still wouldn’t look at me. She stared at me from the corner of her eye for only a moment.

“About that, I’m really sorry.”

I still couldn’t raise my head even though I knew that she was looking elsewhere. She still wouldn’t look at me, not even once.

“I don’t want to bother you anymore. Don’t you prefer hanging out with Mizuki?”

“No, it was just a coincidence that I met Himeji-san at the corridor.”

“I don’t want to listen to your excuses.”


Damn, I’m already out of ideas.

It has to be done like this; I can only use Hideyoshi’s lines to convince her.

“But, if it continues like this, Himeji-san will……”

She might be forced to transfer – I wanted to say it, but Minami suddenly stared at me sharply.

“……It’s always Mizuki, Mizuki, why are you always like this?”


“Why do you always treat her like a princess?! Then what am I? Do you treat me as a guy? Why do you always treat me like this?!”

I’ve never seen Minami this angry before, and she even said so much in one shot.

“I, I never meant that……”

“If Mizuki really needs to transfer out, then I’ll talk to her parents myself. Stop bugging me now, I don’t want to see you anymore!”

After saying this, she turned her head away.

Seems that no matter how hard I try, she wouldn’t look at me again.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

I bowed down to apologize again, and I then returned to where everyone was.

They looked at me, their faces implying “even you can’t do anything.”

“She’s really pissed off……”

“I’d feel the same way.”

Hideyoshi and the gang must’ve heard my conversation with Minami.

“I’m sorry, I’ll apologize to her again……”

“……Wait until her anger recedes first.”

“Uh huh, Muttsurini is right. If Akihisa and Himeji aren’t careful, it’ll make Shimada even angrier.”

“Really, you……wait for her to calm down, Akihisa. You have to settle the problem between you and Shimada.”

“Yeah, I will.”

I really did a lot of cruel things to Minami today….

“Let’s put this matter aside for now. If this continues, Class D won’t declare a Summoning War with us no matter how long we wait. That’s why we have to improvise.”

After changing the topic, Yuuji’s expression is as attentive and cool as ever. Leaving Minami’s rage aside for now, our Class F is at a disadvantage.

I’m really concerned about how Minami’s feeling now, I should pay attention to Yuuji’s question.

“Muttsurini, what is the situation report of Class B”?

“……Three quarters of their class have already replenished their points, and a small portion have prepared for declaration of war.”

“I see……They’re faster than expected. I think they’re serious this time.”

“……They were replenishing their points even during their breaks.”

They even used their noon breaks and other breaks to do the tests. This means that they’re going to finish replenishing their points. It’s just a matter of time before Class B declares a Summoning War against us.

“We need to buy ourselves more time before setting the trap for Class D. Muttsurini, please deliver the false reports with Sugawa.”

“……What will it be about?”

“Just say that Class D is getting ready for a Summoner Test War and they’re targeting Class B.”


After seeing Muttsurini nod, I still couldn’t understand Yuuji’s real intentions. How would we benefit from this if we deliver false reports of Class D’s imminent declaration of war against Class B?

“Yuuji, why are you doing this?”

“It’s just to buy us some time. If Class B realizes that they're getting attacked by Class D, they'll try avoiding other upcoming battles. They’ll think twice before declaring war on us.”

I see. If Class B declares war against us, it means they’ll be hard-pressed to participate in the next battle, so they’ll have to keep a tight watch on Class D’s movements. The preparations they made to fight against us might be wasted on their war against Class D.

“My actual plan was to let Class C attack them.”

“But Class C lost their last Summoner Test War against Class A.”

Unfortunately, Class C shared the same conditions with us, so they couldn’t declare Summoner Test Wars. Thus, it can’t be helped.

“Oh, Muttsurini, you can just spread a little part of the false reports. Leave the rest to Sugawa since I have another important mission for you.”


Muttsurini finished speaking and walked towards Sugawa. Sugawa has experience with delivering false reports, so both of them can probably accomplish their mission perfectly.

“Good, next is Hideyoshi.”

“Oh, what do you want me to do?”

“I’d like you to lure out Class D's Shimizu for negotiations. Can you do this?”

“I don’t mind…..but what are the negotiations for?”

“Just do as you see fit. Our only aim is to provoke Shimizu and increase their enmity towards our class. If she falls for it, we’ll be successful and the other way around if she don’t, it’s this simple.”

Shimizu-san is the core figure of Class D. Although Yuuji didn’t say much, this negotiation is crucial to Class F’s future plans.

“Oh, and to lure out Shimizu……I have to bring Shimada with me, right?”

“Right, it’s easier to provoke them this way. And mind you, things may go awry if they're to meet face-to-face, but you can leave that to me.”

I glanced at Minami again, and she’s still looking out the window with the same pose. I couldn’t see her expression from here, but I could feel the anger seeping out from her.

In this situation, I don’t think I can provoke them with Minami. But, Yuuji probably has another idea to get this done.

“Oh, in that case, I’ll just have to try my best. I don’t think it’s realistic to assume that things will be back to normal, but it won’t be impossible to ask her to come with me to provoke Shimizu.”

I feel rather sorry that I'm unable to do things right because of my impulsiveness……

“You can leave this to me. So, the negotiation will be held in an empty classroom after school, is that alright?”

“Do it then. Before that, we’ll have to delay Class B from declaring war.”

“I understand.”

Hideyoshi stood up and left the classroom. Of course, he’s probably thinking of convincing Minami to hurry up and negotiate with D class.

And so, only Yuuji, Minami and I were still in the class.

I was trying to come up with a plan, but Yuuji interrupted me with an irrelevant question.

“By the way, Akihisa……”


“What did you have for breakfast?”

What did I eat? Time is running out, so how can Yuuji still have the time to chat about breakfast?

“Yuuji, do we even have time to chat?”

“Never mind about that, just answer my question, it’s very important!”

My breakfast is important? What is he trying to say? I really can’t understand that guy.

I don’t think there’s anything to hide about this, so I answered him truthfully.

“Just water as usual.”

After hearing my answer, Yuuji suddenly gave an exaggerated expression like one of those foreigners on those night shopping channels.

“Just water? How can that do, Akihisa?! You're the key to this battle; you need to replenish your energy with real food. Right, Himeji?”

“Oh? That’s right. I was worried that Akihisa-kun never had an actual meal.”

What’s happening? This bastard Yuuji is suddenly concerned about my eating habits; that’s a little suspicious. I think there is an evil intention hiding behind that kindness, so I’m not being paranoid, am I?

“Perfect timing Himeji.”


My sixth sense is telling me-- THIS GUY IS TRYING TO MURDER ME.

“Is there any food that you can give – ”

“As I was saying, I had toast and fried eggs for breakfast! Ahhh~ It really feels different when you have breakfast, I feel really energized.”

I chose to lie to avoid an imminent disaster. Himeji-san’s food cannot be eaten no matter what!

But unexpectedly, Yuuji’s ignoring my anxiousness as he even smiled at me and said,

“No, no, no, I understand your manly attitude of not wanting to let Himeji worry, but you shouldn't ignore her intentions, just tell her the truth.”

I don’t want to die. (This is the truth.)

But, I can’t bear to say such a painful truth; I remain silent with my mouth wide open. As I was thinking what to say next, Himeji-san talks before I can do so.

“I’m sorry. Lunch break is over, so I don’t have any food left for Yoshii-kun.”

Himeji-san apologized a lot to me. To me, her reply made me really happy. This is great…..Damn great!

Although I didn’t know what Yuuji was planning, I managed to foil his plans. Thinking of this, I’d like to see the frustration on that bastard’s face, as I was turning my head to look at him –

(Akihisa, you are too naive.)

Unexpectedly, he hinted at me with his eyes. What? What is this?

“Really? I guess you ran out of food then. I hope it isn’t too much trouble……but can you make some simple food for Akihisa?”

What’s next was Yuuji basically opening the door to Hell with his bare hands.


“Hey, Akihisa. Why am I the only one hearing you whispering ‘cook for me, cook for me’? You're a rather weird guy.”

You infidel!

What now? Is this my punishment? A death sentence? You are trying to take revenge on me with this evil trick just because of my failure just now?

“It’s ok, but about the ingredients……”

“Don’t worry, I borrowed (illegally) the culinary classroom’s key, the ingredients there are complete.”

Yuuji took out a key from his pocket while speaking.

This is an organized sin! Does he really hate me that much!?

“I understand. Akihisa-kun, what do you want to eat?”

Oblivious to my current emotions, she asked me with a smiling face.

What do I want to eat? Yes, if I make the right choice, the probability of me dying from food poisoning will be lower. I’ll just limit the ingredients. What dishes are there that can’t be poisoned……Then, I’ll choose omelette (Ingredients : Just eggs)!

“Erm, I’d like to eat……”

“You can have jelly then.”

Jelly (Ingredients : Not specific).


“What happened, Akihisa? You don’t have to look at me with such teary eyes like a Chihuahua that has been abandoned.”


My one and only, precious life!

“Jelly? Ok then, I’ll put effort into making it!”

“Sorry for the trouble, it’ll be better if you can pack the jelly like a nutrition packet drink, I think the sports team should have some drink packets left inside the culinary classroom.”

The sports team frequently uses the culinary classroom to make nutrition drinks. I think that's what Yuuji meant. But I never wanted things to be this way.

“I’ll go prepare it now.”

“Ok, thanks again.”


After taking the key from Yuuji, Himeji-san left the classroom.

“……Yuuji, what are you trying to do?”

I watched Himeji-san disappear from my sight, then glared at Yuuji who was standing still.

“I have no evil intention at all; a part of my plan needs Himeji’s food to be involved.”

“Huh? Needs her food?”

“That’s right.”

“What, if that was it, you should have told me sooner.”

I still don’t know what's happening, but since Yuuji’s intention wasn’t to punish me, this is great!

“Hey, that might be, but I can’t guarantee that Himeji won’t force you to eat it.”

Correction, it’s simply bad news.


I hurriedly stood up and tried to chase her down.

“Akihisa, where are you going?”

“To chase her down, of course! I must see for myself what she's making at least!”

I have no idea what ingredients she's going to use. I thought I should have an ambulance ready.

“If so, I’ll go with you, I’m also curious to find out how Himeji cooks.”

Yuuji had been endangered by her food more than once before. He must be curious about how she prepares those murderous foods.

“Hahaha! Yuuji, you don’t have to be so courteous. You don’t actually just want to see it, you want to eat it too, right? It’s not too late; I’ll ask her to make your share.”

“Oh God, I don’t want to die yet.”

I don’t want to die either.

“Hahaha, thanks but no thanks……I’m serious.”

“Hahaha, there’s no need……I’m also serious.”

While chatting happily with Yuuji, we hasten our footsteps to catch up with Himeji-san.

We finally reached the culinary classroom after awhile. Himeji-san is probably preparing the ingredients inside.

“I’ll open the door then.”

“Open it.”

We pushed open the door stealthily to avoid being noticed by Himeji-san, trying to find out what was happening inside.

Himeji-san could be heard walking around the culinary classroom. I focused my eyes to confirm what was happening at the cooking station.

Her preparations at the beginning seemed rather normal to me.

Himeji-san took two bowls from the cupboard, and then added a few ingredients. One of them was gelatin, and the other should be sugar.

(What the hell, everything seems rather normal.)

(True. If she’s making jelly with these ingredients, there shouldn’t be any problem.)

(If so, I’ll be troubled.)

As I was thinking what there is to be troubled about, I heard Himeji-san muttering something to herself.

“I think……I’ll mix the cocoa powder with corn bisque powder first……”

And then something unbelievable happened.

(Hey, Yuuji! What is Himeji-san trying to do? What she is making now is far from jelly!)

(Akihisa, just shut up, or you’ll be caught by her.)

My idea of food is starting to collapse. So horrifying, this is too horrifying.

“Should I add in mandarin or leek? I wonder which one Akihisa-kun prefers.”


(I’m guessing that she’s making something very nutritional for you who can’t even afford bentos……She has completely ignored how bad it would taste.)


She’s always thinking of making something like a feast, but that’s what makes us miserable.

“Then, the seasoning will be taba–”

(Akihisa, you can stop listening. You won’t dare to eat it.)

(Wait! At least let me know whether she added in “tobacco” or “Tabasco”[2]!)

Please! If you really want to add something, just add the spicy Tabasco to kill me with spiciness!

(There’s no time left, you don’t have to be stubborn at this point.)


My resistance was in vain as Yuuji pulled me away by my collar.

This bastard! I’ll have him eat this murderous meal somehow!

“Now, we’ll go to the third floor of the school’s new building, we need to act like we're carefree and messing around there.”

“Huh? I thought you said that there wasn’t any time left? Now you want me to act carefree?”

Yuuji then said something that confused me even more. Maybe this is about starting the war.

“This is to convince Class B and D that we are oblivious to what is happening. If our act isn’t seen through, we’ll be able to buy some time from Class B and let Class D declare war on us.”

Classes A to D are all located at the third floor of the new school building. We’re acting carefree to let them think that Class F isn’t replenishing their points. Class B will think that we don’t know anything, and will thus continue to replenish their points; and Class D will think that this is a free win. As a result, both classes will fall for our trap, and we’ll be at advantage. I see, Yuuji’s planned everything carefully.

“Once Muttsurini spreads the false reports of Class D’s enmity with Class B, Class B will decide to declare war on Class D. Providing that, Class B will think that we are oblivious, and will continue replenishing their points before declaring war on us. D class will probably think that this is an easy battle for them once they know that we’re not replenishing our points. In that case, both classes will fall into our trap, and the situation will greatly benefit us.

Even though this was what Yuuji said, I still thought that this chaotic situation was hard to grasp. I tried to sort out his explanation in my head.

First is Class B. Their intention is to declare war on Class F, but since they lost to us once, they’re most likely more wary about us and are replenishing their points now. They won’t do anything before the Shoukanjuu Summoning System is repaired or until they've finish replenishing their points. Class B still hasn’t declared war on us because they want to let us think that they don’t have any intention to fight us. While we’re in the dark, we won’t be hard pressed to replenish our points, and it can also mean an easy win for them. On the other hand, if they were to find out that we knew of their planning all along, they’ll declare war on us that instant.

Then Class D. Their class is divided into two teams against us, one offense, one defense. The leader of the offensive team is Shimizu Miharu-san, and the leader of the defensive team is none other than their class representative, Hiraga Genji-kun. Under Shimizu-san’s pressure, the offensive team is to get ready, but things are different now. Shimizu-san is jealous of my relationship with Minami, but she is calm at the moment. In this case, they won’t declare Summoner Test War on us. They’ll just sit it out.

And now, our Class F. In terms of our current condition, we are defenseless against Class B. To prevent this from happening, we’ll have to let Class D declare war on us before they do. If that happens, we’ll have plenty of time to replenish our points after finishing the war with Class D – This is our side’s idea. We'll wait until we finish replenishing our points, and Class B will think twice before declaring war on us. They should’ve learnt their lesson after the last war.

Finally, I’ll analyze the current condition. We are trying to provoke Class D’s Shimizu-san, but we failed, it’s harder to provoke them into declaring war on us now. On the other hand, Class B is replenishing their points smoothly now, they’ll declare war on us soon. To prevent them from doing so, Muttsurini is spreading the news “Class D wants to attack Class B” in the dark, but we still don’t know how effective it's going to be. Although we can’t wait for Class D to declare war on us, at this point, we still have no idea about how things will turn out. [3][4]I guess this is how the situation's like. It may seem complicated, but in a nutshell, our current priority is only to buy some time, or we’ll be in huge trouble.

“About your last question, this will also make Class D declare war on us……But you still can’t understand, no matter how I explain it.”

What Yuuji is implying should be about our carefree attitude at the third floor – It may be so, but will Class D declare war on us just because of this? Frankly speaking, I still don’t understand. Unlike Yuuji, my head isn’t full of evil ideas, since I’ve wasted lots of energy trying to understand the current situation.

“You’re right. Tell me later. As I was saying, what you meant by hanging out, is it just walking around for no reasons?”

Although it is just to put our enemies off guard, I still don’t know how to do it right. It might be self-studying time, classes are still going on, it will be unnatural if we’re just hanging around.

“It’ll be boring if we just hang around, so why don’t we play a game?”

“Hmm, ok.”

Playing games is better than walking around with nothing to do.

“Then, we’ll just play a game of English words. I’ll ask about an English word, you’ll give me the definition. Of five questions, it will be considered a loss if you can’t answer one."

Ah, a game of English words……A game that is impossible for me to win.

But, there shouldn’t be a problem. After all, nothing is at stake here. We’re just killing time.

“Ok, give me your best shot.”

“Good, the penalty is that ‘the loser will heed the winner’s instruction without any question’.”


I thought he'd just added a weird condition.

“Wait, just wait a sec, Yuuji!”

I tried to stop him nervously, but Yuuji didn’t listen as he started the game anyway.


Astronaut…Ah, what? Great, I think I’ve heard it before. This shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll just calm myself down before answering.

I’m thinking, astronaut, astrout……asront……

(asphalt):The black material used to pave a road, main composition is carbohydrate.

Should be something like this.

“Akihisa, do you know the answer?”

There’s a smile on Yuuji’s face as he probably thinks that I don’t know. Hmmph. You are too naive, I’m not an idiot all the time.

“Of course I do.”

In order to contend with him, I let out a smile. It’s my win this time.

“Oh? Why don’t you say it then?”

I didn’t say the answer directly in order to rattle Yuuji.

“It is mostly used on road, right?”

“I won.”

Yuuji declared himself as the winner instantly as if I were an idiot – I, I still haven’t given the answer.

“How can you make such conclusions when you haven’t heard my answer?! The winner will only be decided when the game ends!”

“Hehe, not giving up eh? Think about it, how can the term ‘astronaut’ be used for roads?”


(astronaut) : Asphalt? Nope, it’s astronaut.

“……I made this mistake because I was careless……”

“Wait! I think this word is too simple to be mistaken carelessly!”

Such a shame; just one more step. I could only blame myself for letting my guard down too soon.

“I guess a loss is a loss……I’ll just admit defeat then, Yuuji.”

If results can only be classified in circles and crosses, my answer will get a cross this time. Even so, I am a man; I should be brave enough to admit my mistake.

“If you won’t admit your mistake no matter what, then you aren’t fit to be human……”

Yuuji looked at me with frustration. What, what'?

Yuuji’s turn has ended, and now it’s mine. –

“Now it’s Kirishima-san’s turn to ask the question.”

“……I’ll do my best.”

Kirishima-san, who was standing behind Yuuji, nodded. She looks mature on the outside, so she looks cute when she does something slightly childish like this. [5][6]“Ack! Sho, Shouko?! When did you……”

Yuuji panicked and turned his head hastily. Huh? He really didn’t notice her?

“I thought……she was there all along when we started this game.”

“……I came over instantly when Yuuji said ‘the loser will heed the winner’s instruction without any questions’.”

I see. Kirishima-san immediately came over once she heard that line. I guess she’s not only smart and beautiful, but also has good hearing.

“Ok, then it’s Kirishima-san’s turn to ask and Yuuji’s turn to answer.”

“……I understand.”

“Wait, wait a moment! Why wasn’t I told that she's also joining us?”

“I don’t think it’s good to say this when we’ve come this far. Or maybe you’re a guy who uses those kind of excuses to escape, Yuuji.”

That’s what Yuuji had said. If I were to repeat his lines, I didn’t think he can do anything.

“Oh…..I. I’m fine with that! I’ll answer it correctly no matter what the question is!”

Luckily, Yuuji’s easily manipulated in this situation; I don’t have to waste so much effort.

“That’s more like it. Kirishima-san, you can start now.”

“……Ok, let me think –“

Shouko was holding her jaw, as if thinking what she should ask.


Ta! (Yuuji turned around and tried to run.)

Ka! (I grabbed his shoulder.)

“Yuuji, where do you think you’re going?”

Yuuji tried to escape the scene once Kirishima-san asked the question. Trying to run away because you can’t answer? Too naive, just too naive.

Even so, it’s not that I couldn’t understand Yuuji’s feelings. I did find it a little boring that he got the death penalty at the first question.

“Kirishima-san, I think it’s too cruel to just kill him, why don’t you change your question?”

“……Okay then.”

Nodding silently, Kirishima-san accepted my advice. I guess she’s still got a good heart.

“’prize’……it’s ‘prize’ right[3]?"

This time Yuuji answered rather fluently. Shouko said “Correct” naively then proceeded to the next question.



“……’engagement ring’.”

“’engagement ring’.”




Ta! (Yuuji turned around and tried to run again.)

Ka! (I grabbed his shoulder again.)

“As I was saying, where do you think you’re going, Yuuji?”

“Akihisa, let me go! Please I beg you, let me go quickly!”

Oh, trying to run away just because you can’t answer, that’s just too sly.

“You bastard! After hearing those English words, you should know how scared I am by now.”

Let me think, if those English words form a sentence – “get” “engagement ring” “as” “prize” which I guess means, if Kirishima-san win this game, she hope Yuuji will buy her an engagement ring?

“Hahaha, Kirishima-san was just fooling around. We are still underaged, so how can we afford an engagement ring……”


A jewelry shop catalogue fell from Kirishima-san’s hand accidentally.

“……Just joking.”

After muttering these words, Kirishima-san then picked up the catalogue from the floor embarrassedly.


“Hahaha, Yuuji. I feel worried because you keep whispering ‘I’m dying, really dying’ into my ear.”

I will never forget those blank eyes.

“Alright, Yuuji, hurry up and answer.”

“’betrothed’ ah……’betray’ is ‘betray’, so does ‘betrothed’ means ‘betrayed’?”

“Kirishima-san, what is the correct answer?”

“……It’s Yuuji.”

“Does it mean a death row convict?”

“……It means ‘fiance’.”

I see, so “betrothed” meant a fiancé.

“I guess Yuuji lost for saying the wrong answer. As promised, you’ll have to follow whatever Kirishima-san says.”

Yuuji’s expression is becoming gloomier. It’s really rare to see such a blissful moment.

“Shouko, you just said that……it’s a joke, right?”

“……Yeah, the engagement ring was a joke.”

To even prepare the catalogue just for a joke, Kirishima-san is so mischievous.

“Just say it, what do you want me to do?”

“…….I want –“

Kirishima-san lowered her blushing head and spoke softly,

“……I’m too shy, I can’t say this in front of others……”

“What? What do you really want me to do?”

A request too shameful to be said in front of others? Although it seems unlikely, I still feel that this is related to what Muttsurini likes best.

“……You actually wanted me to say it in front of everyone, Yuuji? You’re so perverted.”


“Why are you attacking me? I didn’t even say anything!”

“Shut up! Explain everything, including the “kissing Kirishima-san who was asleep” you mentioned this morning!”

“Wait! I don’t remember saying that this morning. Actually it’s……”

“……Not just a kiss.”

That line released the first seal in my body.

“I’ll let you have a taste……of the rampage I can unleash by combining my envy and hatred!”

“Uh oh! I can’t see Akihisa’s movements!”

“……After kissing, we even slept together.”

Second seal released.

“Ugh! How, how can it be….I’m actually losing to Akihisa in terms of strength……”

“……It was so comfortable.”

Last seal released.

“And there’s a clone of you – No, is it an afterimage!? You are not human anymore!!”

“My heart that is ‘so envious that I want to kill you’ can do the impossible!”

“Consider yourself lucky! Since things have become like this, I guess I have to get serious too!”

The 3rd floor of the new school building was filled with a burnt smell caused by the friction of shoes soles at this point.

“Haa, haa, haa……Nearly lost my life there……”

“Did, didn’t think that Ironman……would, would actually appear at that kind of place……”

We’re back in Class F. Yuuji and I were having a life and death battle at the 3rd floor of the new school building. We never expected Ironman to appear suddenly, and we barely escaped from him before returning to our class.

“But, our, our objective……can be considered……accomplished……”

“That’s, that’s right……the, the other students should’ve seen it……right……”

Before the long chase with the muscular, evil looking Ironman, students from Class A to D came out to the corridor to see what all the ruckus was about. Just like this, Yuuji’s goal is accomplished.

“Hoo……I think we wasted a lot of time, but we are still right on schedule. Is Muttsurini back?

“I’ll take a look……”

I looked around the classroom, and Muttsurini happened to return as his profile came in sight.

“Oh, so you’re back. How’s the mission of the false reports?”

“……Everything is going according to plan.”

Not showing off deliberately, Muttsurini gave us a straight answer.

How should I say though? He looks rather professional now.

“…….Just say what is needed to be done next.”

“Good. Let’s wait for Himeji to return, and then we’ll take the next step.”

Himeji-san was nowhere in the class, so she must still be busy making that jelly. If I could help it, I really hope that Himeji-san will be merciful.

“As I was saying, Yuuji, you actually thought through so much just to make her cook. What do you actually want to do?”

You still want Himeji-san to cook in such a critical situation. I don’t think it's just to get back at me, is it? I think Yuuji probably got some trick up his sleeves.

“Himeji’s food will be our assassination weapon.”

If the person herself personally heard such an explanation, she’d be really hurt.

“Assassination weapon? On who?”

“That B class guy, of course.”

“But, will Nemoto-kun eat what we give him? He will be suspicious of our movements.”

Due to Nemoto-kun’s personality, it wouldn’t work, even if it’s someone else other than us. I couldn’t think of any way to make him eat it easily.

“No, our target isn’t Nemoto. Even if we assassinate him, we can’t stop Class B’s operation.”

I thought about the intel that Muttsurini brought. Nemoto-kun already gave the order for war by that time, so even if he’s down now, it wouldn’t stop anything.

“Our actual target is the messenger sent by Class B to Class D. I think Class B is trying to form an alliance with Class D.”


“Once the false reports Muttsurini spreads reaches their ears, Class B will commence their counter. At that time they’ll really find Class D to start an alliance. If just sending a messenger can prevent a war from happening, I think they’d do it.”

I see. Class B will try to negotiate secretly with Class D just to evade an upcoming war.

“Eh? Wouldn’t it be worse this way? If the Class B messenger were to start an alliance with Class D, wouldn’t our false reports of ‘Class D impending attack on Class B’ be found out?”

If they were to find out about the false reports that we spread, our plan to buy time will fail. The guys from class B have nearly finished replenishing their points. Won’t we be waiting for our deaths?

“That’s why I need Class B’s messenger assassinated. If that messenger is down for the count, Class B will acknowledge the hostility of Class D towards them. If so, they can’t form an alliance, and it’ll also increase the suspicion towards each other.”

How can this guy think of such treacherous ideas? From this day on, I’ll be careful not to become his enemy.

“But, if you are to assassinate him, why not with a taser? I don’t think you have to trouble Himeji-san to cook just to poison him.”

“If we use a taser, his cries will be heard, and we’ll be caught.”

“Just cover his mouth then.”

“Are you a moron? If we do it that way, we’d be electrocuted too.”


Even without using Himeji-san’s food, there should be other methods to assassinate that messenger.

“Don’t think too much. I chose Himeji’s food just to fulfill my personal interest.”

Just when Yuuji’s saying this line that totally inhumane and lacks empathy for my life—

“Eh? Sakamoto-kun, you really like my food?”

Himeji-san accidentally overhears his words.


  • screech**screech**screech*, Yuuji turned his head slowly and clumsily like a robot to look at Himeji-san.

“That’s good, to hear you say that, I feel really happy. But if Kirishima-san were to know about it, I think she’d be angry.”

Himeji then smiled happily.


I silently put my hand on Yuuji’s shoulder to console him.

“Welcome to my world (thumbs up).”

“You damn bastard, what's with that hearty smile of yours that pisses me off?!”

Just like this, I have someone to accompany me. For this trip to hell, the more the merrier.

“I've also prepared Sakamoto-kun’s share. We’ll eat together if you guys don’t mind.”

Himeji gave us the jelly drink in packets while smiling.

“So, so uh……thanks for the trouble, I’ll keep it until I’m hungry.”

“Me, me too, thank you, Himeji-san.”

“No problem, it’s no big deal.”

Himeji-san is just so innocent, which is why I can’t bear to say ‘hope you’ll cook something that tastes good’. I wouldn’t mind if it doesn’t taste really good, I just hope that she won’t make any more of those horrifying foods that make us stand on the line between life and death.

“If so, Akihisa, Muttsurini, let’s go.”



We carried our weapons in our hands and headed to the new school building where Class A to D are.

(Wow, he really comes.)

(Seems that way. Guess I was right.)

In order to stay unnoticed, we hid near the stairs to observe Class B. Soon after, we finally saw a guy came out from Class B.

(There’s only one enemy. Did you predict that too?)

(Ya, Class B is still busy replenishing their points, they don’t have many messengers to send out. Considering the situation they are in, I guessed that they’d just send one guy to start the alliance.)

That’s why we need to assassinate him.

That’s right. If the enemy is a crowd, they’ll be hard to assassinate.

(Will the assassination be smooth?)

(If we dispatch Muttsurini, this assassination will be absolutely successful. Just watch with your eyes.)

I stared harder as I saw that Class B guy walked towards Class D.

There weren’t many people, but there were still at least three or more students passing by him each moment. How do we complete this assassination stealthily without alerting the crowd?

The messenger only needs to walk a short distance from Class B to Class D. In less than 30 seconds, he’d be knocking on Class D’s main door, and I was starting to get nervous because of this……Muttsurini, aren’t you intending to make your move?

The messenger is only 5 meters away from Class D.

(Yuuji, are you sure there aren’t any problems?)

As I asked Yuuji, the messenger didn’t slow down.

There’s still 3 meters.

(Don’t worry, just believe in Muttsurini.)

Two more meters, and Muttsurini still hasn’t done anything.

(But, the distance is……)

But, just before the messenger was 1 meter away from the main door of Class D, something passed by my sight out of a sudden.



A ‘ke!’ sound came from the wall not far away from the messenger. What’s going on? I stared harder, and saw a utility knife was stuck into the wall……No; it’s not just a utility knife. There’s a photo stuck on the wall with the knife. Is this just a different version of an arrow with a message?

“What is that?”

“Something seems to be stuck on it.”

“Isn’t it a photo?”

Everyone was focused on the photo and utility knife, and those students walking around the corridors gathered under the utility knife – Eventually, even the Class B messenger walked towards the crowd.

“……(Sha! Sha!)”

Muttsurini silently approaches the messenger. Right now, the surrounding stares are all gathered at the utility knife and the photo. No one’s noticing what’s going on behind.


“—Ugh! Ack!”

The messenger who was unaware of his impending death craned his neck to take a peek at the photo, and the next second, he was choked from behind by Muttsurini with both hands as his mouth was covered. His eyes immediately bulged, clearly stunned by this sudden turn of events.

Then, Muttsurini’s hand is holding the weapon – There’s no mistake, that is Himeji-san’s jelly.


“—Ugh!—Ack! Ugh!”

Through the gaps between his fingers, Muttsurini squeezed out the jelly through the mouthpiece. The messenger was struggling, trying to stop Muttsurini.

Just as everyone was looking at the photo stuck on the wall, they were oblivious of a fight between life and death that just took place behind them.

Yuuji and I watched this scene while holding our breath as the fight between Muttsurini and the messenger was coming to an end.

Glug, glug……

The lethal poison slowly entered the messenger’s throat, accompanied by cool sound effects.

“Ha……Ha…You……You are……Muttsurini…….”

“……(squeezes harder)”

Facing the vengeful glare of a dying person, Muttsurini emptied the contents of the packet into his mouth mercilessly.

The messenger’s hand suddenly jerked – and he wasn't even able to move in the next moment.

Showing no mercy when facing an enemy, an assassin is a synonym of ruthlessness. [7][8](……Assassination complete.)

Muttsurini walked towards us while holding the guy's limp body.

(Awesome, your nimble wrist amazes me, Muttsurini.)

(……There’s no need to mention such a small thing.)

Muttsurini remained unmoved as Yuuji praised him, and then threw the body into Class B with his nimble arms into a corner B class can see, but Class D cannot.

(……With this, Class B will immediately find this corpse.)

(Very good. There is nothing left to be done, let’s go back to class.)

(Right, I’m thinking about what to do next.)

We pretended to know nothing of what just happened as we turned around and headed for our Class F.

“The girl in the photo who was wearing a sailor uniform looks rather cute.”

“Agree. But, don’t you think that she resembles a certain idiot from Class F?”

“So what? I think it isn’t too bad, being cute is enough.”

What’s going on? I’m rather bothered by the conversation behind me!