Ok the first 2 people to post 100 times and comments on this post gets admin then you will have to fill in this form for all the admins to review about. NO SPOTS LEFT!!!! please fill in forms and put them on my wall for review.

You will need to submit multiple forms after the two spots are gone.

You need to be a user to apply for chat moderator

You need to be a chat moderator to apply for rollback

You need to be rollback to apply for admin

Only trusted people become beaurocrats.


Number of posts:

What you will bring to the wiki:

What does the job you are applying for do?:

Why do you want to be (Job Name Here)?:

How many times you watched the anime:

Who is your favourite character (just cause):

Other information:

Good luck

Muttsulini (talk) 09:07, January 30, 2014 (UTC)

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