Let's face it- almost everyone ships YuujixShouko or ShokoxYuji or whatever their ship name is, I still ship them.

To be honest, I don't really get why Yuuji won't get together with Shouko. I mean, yeah, I get that Shouko is too desperate, but why......? 

It's really hard to understand, seriously. I mean if there was an episode that explained why Yuuji doesn't wanna hook up with Shouko [yeah, they do have an episode of that, but I didn't get it correctly] I would or would have not seen it, because it's either I was sound asleep or was still busy with something or I was out with my friends.

So.... yeah. That's my problem. I'm gonna need some time to think here. So bye. [Currently eating a bag of chips while in front of laptop

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