Okay! First up, I want to say Hi! so..... HI! I'm new here, about a few hours. Um.... let's see...... oh yeah. The thing.

Hideyoshi Kinoshita

So here, we have Hideyoshi Kinoshita. A simple, calm and cool guy. He's considered a girl [admit it- we all went through that stage in the first time you saw the episode, you thought Hideyoshi was a girl, but was actually a boy.] by most, but actually- he's a guy. Let's face it- almost all of the anime has this! Someone who looks like a girl, but actually isn't! Anyways, It doesn't matter. It's okay. Truth to be told- I'm confused myself.

Well, I'm more than confused, anyway. Scarred for life, you might say. I'll just go down the street and get coke and chips, yeah. Wanna join me, mate? Too bad I'm in a nother country. [Probably]

Yuuko Kinoshita

Let's face it- one time in our life, we considered Yuuko a witch. I have nothing against her- She's a great character and all, but the bad thing is, she just treats her younger brother badly. Most of the girl in Baka and Test don't usually harm Hideyoshi, right, mates? But this girl, is special. I give it to her- she's pretty, and that's true. But with a bad attitude.

All I wish for is that She would change.

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