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  • I live in America
  • My occupation is law
  • I am trying to learn more about anime.
Aliases Yorokobi the Otaku, Flutter
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Hello all! I'm Flutterbutter, a semi-active user on this wiki! I was intorduced to this wiki by Arvee100smart (just to give him credit) and I hope to become an active and helpful user here! You might see me making edits every once and a while but I never really talk with anyone on here though I know most of the users. :P

Anyways, a little about me~

I watch anime, play a wide variety of video games (on xbox 360, wii, DS and pc), chat (on occasion) and make a bunch of edits on wikia! If you need me or want to contact me, you can do so on my talk page on any wiki you want to (as long as I'm a contributing member) and I'll respond to you as soon as I can (normally within 24 hours) since I'm on wikia for a few hours daily (with a few exceptions).

I also write and draw chibi's and/or anime (only if requested) on occasion. I rarely take requests for drawings or writings, and when I do, don't pressure me to finish them, or they never will be completed. I don't know why, but I never have worked well under pressure.

I am an American and, as stated in the begining, I am a boy. I did a name change on wikia about midway through last year, going from Flutter-on to Flutterbutter on the reccomendation from some friends.

I have seen the Baka to Test anime and it is my fifth favorite. I have not yet read either the LN (Light Novels) or the manga. I hope to find time to read both soon! If you have any questions about me that aren't answered here, please leave me a message on my message wall and if I find them appropriate (which I will unless the question is extemely personal), I will answer it. I'm not really on skype, but if you want to add me anyways you can do so via my Message Wall. I'd be glad to add you!

Most people say I'm a fun person both irl and online! I'm said to be very friendly and outgoing (though I don't believe it). I'm very positive and almost always seems happy!

Note: If you add me on Skype, don't expect immediate responses.

My Anime ListEdit

I've seen a few anime's and I enjoy anime altogether. I have more anime's I'd like to see and I don't add many of the movies or OVA's I've seen. I keep most of them in a booklet, but all the one's I've finished (Other than Pokemon, Bayblade and Bakugan which I don't personally count as anime) are there. I hope you enjoy!


I do write. Here are my accounts on several writing sites:


FiM Fiction:

Friends ListEdit

These are the people on this wiki I count as a friend of mine. Don't feel bad/offended if you're not on this list; just ask me to put you on it and get to know me!




Rating for Baka to Test~Edit

My Score- 8.2/10

Baka to Test is a pretty good anime in my opinion, but it has a few errors which I see in how the characters recieve and discover information. Since the anime/LN/manga revolves around the students of class 2-F, whom are suppsed to be stupid (other than Mizuki and possibly Yuuji). Even though they're supposed to be stupid and deliquents, they still know how to procces and remember information and put a small amount of facts together to come up with a much larger overview of something. This kinda threw me off along with the ending in which Akihisa ends up with neither Minami or Mizuki. Other than these and a few other minor things, (which are closer to my opinion than fact) Baka to Test comes in pretty high in my ratings, and could have even possibly been my favorite. If a season 3 does come out and some of these matters fixed, then I might change my verdict.

Current "Projects"Edit

These are basicially the large projects/edits I'm doing on this wiki to help expand it~

Light Novels


This Page is Still a Work in Progress


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