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  • I live in My Exaggerated Mind. Sometimes Somewhere Beyond. Uh.. Philippines|Australia, Yeah?
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Is Making Sure I Survive The Everyday.
  • I am Just Your Typical Background That Can Be Found Anywhere.

For Those Who Are Finding The Translation Of Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu Protable, Click This

What does Arvee usually do on the wiki?

Minami Being Tsundere

Enjoying Minami the Tsundere

Himeji Fast

Edit for Showing Off.

Himeji Being Yandere

Enjoying Himeji the Yandere
What Else?

Kissing Hideyoshi

Kissing Hideyoshi <3.

Pervert Tsuchiya

Being Pervert.

Akihisa kissing Yuuji

Nevermind This.
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So, Yo yo and all. I am the Arvee100smart in this parts, and probably the most laziest admin here =4=. I'm not really much of a introductory person since I pee my pants, so good luck judging me. In confronting me, normally just call me Arvee. Well, not all calls me that, so in a way, try giving out new nicknames for me like PArvert or something XDD.
So, yeah. Baka to Test. I never imagined my counterpart, Akihisa100baka, is this good, so I begun watching the series, and currently reading the Light Novel. Unfortunately, Baka to Test is officially "completed" in Light Novel, that means if no Anime appears..... :(. I liked the two Deres here, Minami the Tsundere and Himeji the Yandere. Changing the topic and all, so continue. Yeah.
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I just recently joined this wiki, and it's miraculous for me to become an admin. I did my best improvising the Wiki, such as adding I-don't-know stuffs or anything helpful here. I just love this wiki and all. I don't know what to type next.... Ah! I know... um.. Oh yeah, just keep scrolling anyway.
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Meh. I just love Hideyoshi.. Hideyoshi Nude
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