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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Wiki

"...Tsuchiya and—" [1][2]"—Kudou's..."

""Mini sex life story!""

"Yes. In this chapter, we'll be discussing some pervy stories of everyday life. This will be brought to you by me, Kudou Aiko, and Muttsu—"

"...Tsuchiya Kouta."

"—And Muttsulini!"

"...Nowadays, nobody's calling me by my real name..."

"And now, today's topic is—"

"...Real name..."

"—'The correct way to bathe'!"

"...uu! (phoosh)"

"Ehh? Nosebleeding so soon? Muttsulini-san, your imagination's way too creative, isn't it?"

"...Don't mind me, keep talking."

"O, okay. Well, since it's supposed to be a pervy story, I want to share my own experience. Actually a few days ago, just as I got ready to go home, it unexpectedly started raining."

"...Uuu (drip drip)."

"That day was really unlucky for me. I got too excited in playing during my club activities and my change of clothes dropped into the pool, so my underwear's all wet now." [3][4]"...UUUU (BBBBBZZZZZTTTT!!!)"

"At least for the bottom, I can still endure and wear it for 1 day, but the top—wah, Muttsulini-san? You seem to have nosebled 2 liters? Are you really alright?"

"...Don't mind me, keep talking!"

"And, and then, the rain cause my blouse to be drenched..."


"This plan can't possibly work! I haven't even talked about the part regarding bathing, and my partner already nosebled a mess!"

"...Even if I die, my soul will continue to listen."

"How can such a thing happen? Anyway, that's all for today! See you next time, everyone! Take care of your body!"

"...I'm really interested in the continuation."

"Before that, hurry up and go to the infirmary!"