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Yuuji Sakamoto[]


Shouko Forcing Yuji to Give her his cellphone

With a 95% chance Yuuji still has feelings for her even if the seasons itself does not say it, they are a couple to look forward to with evidence to prove it during their outing together, though Yuuji bears no ill intention towards Shouko, but due to her unyielding obsession with marrying him since their childhood days, he sees her as having a few loose screws in her mind, and fears to even think of his future if he does marry her. It is implied that he has feelings for Shouko, although he denies it.


Yuuji consoling Shouko

Shouko often to shock Yuuji in some situations such as not allowing him to escape on their date, when she has suspicions that Yuuji likes some other girl besides her, etc. From episode 4 and onwards, she is often seen jabbing her fingers in Yuuji's eyes in order to prevent him from looking at the other girls.

Despite her violence, she does deep inside really care for Yuuji. She is shown to get emotional whenever anyone talking bad about him (episode 7 season 1 and episode 13 season 2). It is also revealed in Light Novel, during the battle against the third class that her violence methods against Yuuji is because she is scared for losing Yuuji (especially because Yuuka Koyama has interest to take Yuuji as her boyfriend) which making Yuuji to console Shouko that he is already love Shouko for a long time too, stopping her reckless effort starting from there.

Akihisa Yoshii[]

Akihisa often to give support for Shouko despite Yuuji's refusal for his feelings towards her.

Aiko Kudou[]

Aiko is a part of Shouko's class.

Yuuko Kinoshita[]

Yuuko is Shouko's co-president in class and lead class more than her. Yuuko dislike Shouko's decision to do something sometimes, especially when it comes to get Yuuji.