Akihisa YoshiiEdit

She has feelings for him since his confession for her to befriend with him in the first year. She often knocks him down by wrestling moves in a form called pettanko, normally after he comments on her breast size. She is determined not to give up on him and declared herself to be the love rival of Mizuki. In the second season, Minami receives a text from Akihisa which seems to resemble a love confession as a result she surprises him with a kiss. The next day, she prepares a lunch for him and tells Miharu that she and Akihisa are now dating much to his shock. Later, Akihisa tells her he accidentally sent her that text and she reacted very angrily especially since Akihisa was her first kiss. However, she calmed down when Akihisa told her that she was actually his first kiss causing her to blush greatly in response.

Mizuki HimejiEdit

Her best friend and almost together when meeting Akihisa. At the 11th Volume Light Novel, she realized that Mizuki had feelings for Akihisa, and vice versa. Soon, she declared herself as a love rival to her, as mentioned earlier.

Miharu ShimizuEdit

A lesbian girl from Class 2-D who is in love with Minami. Minami doesn't return her feelings, as she has a crush on Akihisa and always has a hard time running away from Miharu when her love mode is activated. Minami constantly says, "Like all normal girls, I like boys", but Miharu doesn't listen and continues to harass Minami whenever the latter sees her.

Kouta TsuchiyaEdit

She, alongside Mizuki are regular to buy Akihisa's photos in women's clothes from Kouta.

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