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Minami Shimada
Kanji 島田 美波
Romaji Shimada Minami
Character Information
Birthdate October 10
Age 16-17
Gender Female
Height 5'1½" (156 cm)
Weight 47 kg (105 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Magenta
Status Alive
Family Hazuki Shimada (Younger sister)

Mr. Shimada (Father)

Class Rank Class 2-F
Suit Military Outfit
Equipment Sabre
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Idiots, Classes, and the Summoner Test War
Manga Debut Volume 1
Seiyuu Kaori Mizuhashi
Voice Actor Leah Clark
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Minami Shimada (島田 美波 Shimada Minami) is one of the main protagnist in "Baka to Test Shoukanjuu" who is a 2nd year high school student at Fumizuki Academy. After living in Germany for most of her life, she returned to Japan and was placed into Class F, although, based on her academic ability, she could have been placed into other, better classes. However, because she has spent most of her life in Germany, the language barrier has made it difficult for her to excel in school since her grasp in writing kanji is still lacking. The one subject she does well in is mathematics, because of the lack of kanji required. She is, however, weak in other subjects because she cannot read or write in kanji very well.


Her most notable features are her sharp green eyes and ponytail. She is a thin girl with magenta hair and long legs. She is noted to be lacking in the chest area and is often called a "pettanko" (ぺったんこ) or flat-chested, a word she is very sensitive to.


Minami initially appears outspoken but she is actually a shy and kind girl, while being self-conscious of her appearance. She is a deretsun, which is the reverse counterpart to a tsundere; being sweet and kind by default, but has a rough and irritable side when she gets annoyed by someone she either cares about, or being teased for having a crush.

She is very stingy and sensitive on the topic of her flat chest and is prone to being physically violent towards Akihisa whenever he makes a remark about her physique by applying several wrestling moves (i.e. the Figure Four Lock) on him as retaliation. It goes to an extreme when Miharu remarks on how Akihisa treats her like a guy, which brings Minami to tears and running out of the classroom upon the words used. However, when she learns that Akihisa finds these traits of hers to be attractive, she falls deeper in love with him and is no longer angry over how he treats her.

When Minami first attended, she exhibited difficulty in breaking through the language barrier due to being a foreign exchange student. It gets worse when she repeats an insult that Miharu used on two boys earlier to a group of students, unintentionally offending them and leaving a bad first impression. She even gets angry with Akihisa due to him speaking a completely different language that was not German and believing that he was mocking her. Eventually, she does learn how to speak Japanese, but she has not improved in understanding kanji, which plays a major factor in her being assigned to Class F. It is shown that she is an incredibly intelligent student, but her lack of understanding kanji is the reason behind her low scores.

Nonetheless, she is a friendly and caring person who is attracted to Akihisa. She is often seen forcing him on dates and even physically assaulting him whenever she sees or believes that he is with another woman. After learning that Akihisa feels comfortable around her and doesn't need to change his attitude, she grows madly in love with him and even goes as far as to kiss him.


Her shoukanjuu (summoned being) wears a military outfit and uses a sabre. The occult version is Nurikabe (wall monster), influenced by her flat-chest since "wall=flat chest".

During the Test Field Run, her shoukanjuu acted less like the real Minami and behaved a lot like Hazuki, but only around Akihisa, while being disobedient to Minami. After Minami attacked Akihisa to keep the truth of her feelings for him from coming out, the shoukanjuu apologizes for her, suggesting that Minami herself doesn't mean to hurt Akihisa most of the time.

During the Future Teller Test Run, her shoukanjuu became an adult version of her. Her breasts became C cups, telling Akihisa for long time no see (to young Akihisa FYI), and suited up in office lady suit, but it is revealed she was just wearing breast pads.


  • She ranked 26th Best Female Character in the 2009 "Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! (このライトノベルがすごい!)" poll.
  • According to Kouta and Akihisa, Minami's bust size is actually AAAA cup which makes the latter get beaten up by her.
  • Her given name Minami means "Beautiful Wave" while her surname Shimada mean "Island of Field".
  • She is an unlockable character in the game Baka Test Shoukanjuu Portable.
  • Miharu seems to really like Minami, but Minami has no feelings for Miharu, except that she thinks Miharu is extremely annoying (most likely).
  • In the episode Me, Japan, and Unknown Words!, in the English dub, Minami speaks with a German accent, whereas she never spoke with one throughout the series, more than likely due to her adapting to speaking in Japanese.
  • Minami's ribbon seems to change shape based on how she's feeling.


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