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Me, Shouko, and Kisaragi Grand Park



Ore to Shouko to Kisaragi Gurando Pāku

Air Date

February 17, 2010


1 - 7

Opening Song

Perfect-Area Complete!

Ending Song

Hare Tokidoki Egao

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Me, Shouko and Kisaragi Grand Park is the seventh episode of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. It is based from Volume 3.5: Me and Shouko and Kisaragi Highlands.


Yuuji was forced on date with Shouko and Yuuji was trying to find a way to escape from the upcoming trouble.


Yuuji wakes up in his room to find Shouko offering him breakfast. Yuuji promptly asks Shouko for his phone and calls the police.


Shouko then finds one of Yuuji's R-18 magazines concealed as school books and demands him to burn them. Yuuji then realizes that Akihisa has given the Amusement park tickets to Shouko from treasure hunting event. Hideyoshi and Akihisa are there, "disguised" as employees waiting on their arrival, where they take a photo of Shouko squeezing Yuuji's head as part of a "We're Getting Married" card. Eventually, a couple (by the names of Ryuuta and Riko) demands to take the same picture as well for them, which is taken literally by Akihisa, who tells the girl to squeeze the guy's head in the same way that Shouko did to Yuuji.

As the episode progresses it is seen that all of the members in Class F are there as well, with Himeji, Akihisa and Minami posing as Fee, Noin, and Ein, respectively. In the haunted house there is an audio clip that has Yuuji saying that he prefers Himeji over Shouko, since Himeji has bigger boobs, which leads to Shouko grabbing a bloody baseball bat to chase Yuuji.

After the haunted house they head to the cafe for lunch, where there is a special event for holders of the VIP tickets. It turns out that the special event is a mock game show called "Kisaragi Grand Park's Wedding Experience Present Quiz", where every answer given turns out to be correct and the prize is a wedding experience. Four questions into the game, Ryuuta and Riko show up again and demand to be part of the event. (With Akihisa accidentally calling Ryuuta "Burger Head" again) However Yuuji and Shouko still manage to win the game even though they didn't answer the last question (What's the capital city of Europe?).

Once they begin the wedding, the couple once again puts a kink in the plan and begins openly mocking Shouko's admiration for Yuuji. Shouko runs off in embarrassment and no one can seem to find her. Yuuji claims he doesn't care if he finds Shouko or not however then goes off and corners the couple, claiming to want to have a "talk". Later Shouko and Yuuji meet back up with Yuuji having various rips in his clothing. Shouko asks if Yuuji thinks it is silly that she loves him and Yuuji just says that being able to love someone for that long is admirable.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Yuuji Sakamoto
  2. Shouko Kirishima
  3. Akihisa Yoshii
  4. Hideyoshi Kinoshita
  5. Kouta Tsuchiya
  6. Ryuuta
  7. Rita
  8. Mizuki Himeji
  9. Minami Shimada


  • This is the first time that Hideyoshi unclipped his hairclips.
  • In the novel, this happened after the Summon Tournament as opposed to the anime where it happened much earlier. Yuuji's mom was also introduced in this event. When Shouko asked Yuuji in choosing his poison in the form of where their marriage should be held, she showed the other porn magazine which she found with help from Yuuji's mom. Parts that Class F played in the Anime were done by normal employees in the Light Novel and Manga. Yuuji was threatened several times to cooperate by being warned that the amusement park staff would mail several items to his house that his mom would mistake for food and eat, such as a brush and sea urchin. Hideyoshi threw his phone during lunch rather than the beginning. Also in the aftermath of this event, Yuuji got his revenge by giving Akihisa "very popular tickets to a romance movie for two people", leading to Akihisa getting beaten up by Minami and Mizuki because they think he wants to go with another girl.
  • The park's name changes in the Light novel, Manga, and Anime, from Kisaragi Highland to Kisaragi Grand Park (the changed name is not even included in the English dub, except during the preview at the end of EP 6)


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