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Episode 8
Me, Japan and A Language I Don't Know!


Air Date

August 29, 2011



Opening Song

Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!

Ending Song

Eureka Baby

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This episode is a story of a starting year for Minami at her first day in Japan, telling her first difficulties and the reason she loves Akihisa.


In this episode, Minami is struggling to make friends in Japan because she doesn't understand the language and because she finds most of her classmates weird and different. She messed up writing her name while introducing herself in Japanese and thus made herself feel stupid. She eventually wrote her name on the clakboard in English, but still felt different from the rest of her class.

Minami struggles with many new things in Japan and is slightly upset that she moved there. She was offered the chance to stay back in Germany, but because her little sister, Hazuki wanted her to come so badly, she decided to go along with the rest of her family.

One of the biggest problems Minami has in Japan is maing friends. Since she couldn't understand the language very well, she repeats what she heard Miharu Shimizu say, not knowing it meant, because it cleared away a crowd of people. What Miharu said meant, "Shut up damn pigs." Saying this gave Minami a bad reputation and made it harder for her to make friends.

Throughout the entirety of the episode, Minami continuously lies to her family, managing to keep a straight face saying that she is enjoying school in Japan and that she's having a marvelous time, when in actuality she regrets coming and misses Germany.


  • This is the second episode where Himeji doesn't appear with the first one being the first part of 3rd episode of Season 2.


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