Relationships page for Kouta Tsuchiya.

Akihisa YoshiiEdit

Akihisa is Kouta's other best friend and the most daily regular customer to buy his photos. 

Aiko KudouEdit

Aiko aiding

Aiko and Kouta being total idiots after she 'teases' him.

Kouta is often teased by Aiko, he often tries not to care, and by the first episode of season two he can last 28 seconds before getting a nosebleed. There is also a chance that he likes her, considering he usually wouldn't get that massive of a nosebleed after seeing a girl in a simple bikini. Kouta also calls Aiko by her full name a lot, mostly when resisting her teasing. The two also have a small rivalry in the Health and Physical Education subject due to their high scores. Some could say that the tacky scene to the left supports the theory of the two liking each other.

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