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Kisu to Basuto to Ponītēru

Air Date

March 3, 2010


1 - 9

Opening Song

Perfect-Area Complete!

Ending Song

Hare Tokidoki Egao

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Akihisa's sister, Akira Yoshii, comes to his house to check up on him, and checking to see if he is responsible enough to live on his own, much to his angst. Things go from bad to worse for him when his friends (and Kubo in the Anime) suspect him of hiding something, and Mizuki, who now was acting strange after Kouta stated that he might have a girlfriend, wants to enter his room.

Then as they reach the door, a surprise awaits them which can test both Mizuki and Minami's denial. Getting there, they find lingerie in the entryway, which Mizuki passes off as Akihisa's, also referring to a makeup pad as a fishcake, until she gives up the denial seeing the sink. At this point, Akira appears and the girls are jealous of this until Akihisa reveals to his friends she is his sister to their shock, as she confirms this fact by introducing herself. With Akihisa staring the introductions, during which Akira refers to Hideyoshi as a boy only because she doubts Akihisa can be friends with girls.

She later offers them food but Akihisa quickly moves to do so, the girls are sad that he really can cook as he stated before. Akira then brings out pictures of her little brother bathing from age 3 to just yesterday, Akihisa then gets dragged away by Yuuji to fix the food

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