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Episode 12
Idiots, A Fool and Requiem!


Air Date

September 24, 2011



Opening Song

Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!

Ending Song

Eureka Baby

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Yuuji, Shouko and Their Childhood Memories
Idiots, Tests and Summoned Beings!
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The shoukanjuu suddenly changed again. Akihisa as the first tester, has his shoukanjuu to be a dullahan knight. The rests soon join and learned that they had their shouknajuu changed too. Not for long, Tokonatsu Duo interfered with them and seemed to have noticed the changed of their shoukanjuu, attempting to beat up Akihisa but interfered by Miharu and Kubo and their battle was stopped by Principal. She declared on Courage Test and had the third class to be in ghost team and the second year to be the victim.



  • Student pairings in this episode were as such:
    • Hiromi Nakabayashi and Tohru Kurosaki
    • Two members of the FFF
    • Ryo Sugawa and a background character (Kohei Fukumura in the light novel, Koji Yokomizo in the anime)
    • Genji Hiraga and Yoshiko Mikami
    • Aiko Kudou and Kouta Tsuchiya
    • Hideyoshi Kinoshita and Yuuko Kinoshita
    • Toshimitsu Kubo and Miharu Shimizu
    • Akihisa Yoshii and Minami Shimada (though Akihisa returned early without being eliminated due to Minami passing out)
    • Yuuji Sakamoto and Shouko Kirishima
    • Akihisa Yoshii and Mizuki Himeji
  • In light novel, when Miharu was attacking Akihisa's shoukanjuu, FFF Inquisition members also attacked it due to jealousy of Akihisa was being hugged by Minami and Mizuki. Toshimitsu and Miharu weren't fighting against Tokonatsu duo, but head on instead by Miharu was backed up by FFF Inquisition. When Ryo was teamed up, he is the one who started to say that his partner is not popular amongst the girls in Courage Test. When Aiko and Kota battled against the 3rd years, Akihisa was planning to check on record, but halted by the killing intention of Minami and Mizuki. Yuuko didn't summon her shoukanjuu. It ended when Tsunemura made Hideyoshi shocked from his love confession.


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