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Genji Hiraga
Anime | Shoukanjuu
B2T2S-Hiraga Genji
Kanji 平賀 源二
Romaji Hiraga Genji
Character Information
Birthdate November 10
Gender Male
Status Alive
Family N/A
Class Rank Class 2-D
Position Class Representative
Suit Military General Uniform
Equipment Sword
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 11
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyuu Nobuhiko Okamoto
Voice Actor Micah Solusod
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Genji Hiraga (平賀 源二 Hiraga Genji) is a minor character in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. He is Class 2-D's Representative at Fumizuki Academy. He has blue hair and black eyes.


Light Novels[]

His first debut was same as anime which was during the first war against Class 2-F.


In his debut appearance,[1] Genji vows to not repeat Hiromi Nakabayashi's mistake in underestimating the students of Class 2-F after they challenged his class to a Summoner Test War.</ref> Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Anime: Episode 1-11</ref>

He believes that he has accurately anticipated their tactics and has already identified a weak point: while Mizuki Himeji is deployed, he will have his classmates sneak past enemy lines and ambush Class 2-F's seemingly defenseless Representative, Yuuji Sakamoto, who according to Genji's information, has the worst marks of his entire class, with a direct attack. However, Yuuji reveals that Genji's information was not only leaked on purpose but also outdated. With his ambush foiled, Genji is left defenseless against Mizuki's attack.

To repay his class's debt to Yuuji,[2] Genji and his classmates challenge Class 2-A to a Mock ST War after both Class 2-B and Class 2-C had challenged 2-A moments before. 2-D is later seen watching the ST War rematch between 2-F and 2-A unfold.

During the Test of Courage,[3] he is seen paired with Yoshiko Mikami. A spark seems to form between them, which angers Akihisa Yoshii and the FFF Inquisition. Shunpei Natsukawa, donning a grotesque look, then surprises the pair, causing them to scream loudly and be disqualified.


Genji's Shoukanjuu wears a military general uniform and wields a sword.


  • In novel, it was revealed that Hiraga is actually have a respect toward Yuuji after the first war. But he hid the fact.


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