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Fumizuki Academy (文月学園, Fumizuki Gakuen) is the school where the main characters of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu are enrolled. The Principal is Kaoru Toudou. The system this school uses is unique and the first of its kind.

Four years ago, Fumizuki Academy adopted an examination system where the scores are not limited to 100. With this system, students could answer as many questions as they could within the time limit of an hour. A student would then have no limit to how high they could score, the limit instead being the student's own intelligence.

The classes are ranked from A to F, with the smarter students, those who scored better in the placement exam, go to class A and have better facilities than those classes below it—B to F. The quality of facilities progressively go down until class F is reached, with the worst facilities of the six classes that year level.

Another unique characteristic of this school was the "Shoukanjuu Summoning System", which was created accidentally through combining science and a supernatural power. With the teacher's supervision, students can summon their unique 'Shoukanjuu', or 'Summoned Being' which gains the power equal to the student's last test score, and fight each other. There a few other types of battles as well. This was the latest system to encourage students to study. Students are allowed to have inter-class wars, "Test Summoning Wars", with their Shoukanjuu, and the winner is decided when the opponent's Class Representative is defeated. The losing class cannot challenge another class to a war for three months, and their classrooms are swapped if the winner is of a lower class level, or the loser's classroom is downgraded if their class level is worse. Exceptions have been made through negotiating.


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