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Class 3-A
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Masaharu Takashiro

Class Ambassador

Masaharu Takashiro ?

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Class 3-A is the class a year above Class 2-A. The two members who are known are Shunpei Natsukawa and Yuusaku Tsunemura. They are both seen in the OVA. Although the inside of the classroom has never been seen it is assumed that it is probably has the best equipment in the whole year.

It is probably very similar to Class 2-A's classroom with a plasma-screen TV, personal laptop, reclining chairs and fridges and other fine things. It may or may not have better facilities than Class 2-A as there are a year higher. Just like Class 2-A Natsukawa and Tsunemura treat Class 2-F like trash. Masaharu Takashiro is their Class Rep and appears to also be their ambassador. Their homeroom teacher are unknown.


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