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Class 2-F is the worst second-year class in Fumizuki Academy and consists of thirty-seven male, two female students and a Hideyoshi. Since there is a total of 149 boys enrolled in Year 2, approximately one-third of them are in this class.

Facility and Location[]

Inside Class F

Inside Class F

Class 2-F has the worst facilities in the school; the chabudai (small, low tables) can be easily broken, the cushions barely have any stuffing inside and there are broken windows that let in drafts. Instead of changing the equipment, the students have to either bear with it or repair it themselves. In the first season, when Yuuji was beaten by Shouko in a test battle, the school further worsens the condition of the classroom as punishment. For example, the chabudai are replaced by cardboard boxes. 

When the School Cool Summer Festival was held, they host a European-Chinese-style cafe, with Chinese decorations and European food. With the help of Hideyoshi, they obtain some tablecloths from the Drama Club, so that the dirty cardboard boxes are hidden to the customers. Yuuji and Akihisa later steal some tables after the people find out their tables are nothing but covered cardboard boxes (caused by Toko-Natsu duo).

After Class 2-F beat Class 2-C in a Summoner Test War, they exchange classrooms. [Citation Needed] [Stub]

Their classroom is located near the right stairway and beside Class 2-E's classroom, in the old building of the Academy.

Students and Staff[]

1-1-class F battle logo

Class F battle logo

The main characters of the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series are in this class; Akihisa Yoshii (as the Class Ambassador), Yuuji Sakamoto (as their Class Representative), Minami ShimadaMizuki HimejiKouta TsuchiyaHideyoshi Kinoshita and other, more minor characters, such as Ryou Sugawa and the members of the FFF Inquisition. Their homeroom teacher is initially Shin Fukuhara, but after Class 2-F loses their second (the first being against Class 2-E) Summoner Test War to  Class 2-A, he is replaced by Souichi Nishimura (nicknamed Ironman). 

ESB Strategy[]

1-1-class F sleeps

Students in the class...

Despite being the lowest class in the second year in terms of academic scores, Class F employ tricks and secretive strategies to overcome their rivals, mostly using strength in numbers, using Himejis high test scores, or the scores of class members that excel in only one subject (for example, Minami and math). The FFF Inquisition also help, using suicide moves with their Summoned Beings to devastate their enemies. Class F have also been shown using the teachers for escaping/ gaining the Shoukanjuu Field. Overall, the students Class F are more intelligent than they are made out to be by the other classes.

Despite the other classes and teachers seeing Class 2-F as a failure class, they have emerged from Summoner Test Wars victorious many times. So far, they have won against Classes 2-E, 2-D, 2-C, and 2-B, plus they have dealt considerable damage to Class 2-A  (by applying tricks to weaken the class A's students).  

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Students in Class F


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