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Class 2-E
Class Rank


Homeroom Teacher

Takeshi Ooshima

Class Representative

Hiromi Nakabayashi

Class Ambassador

Yoshiko Mikami

Known Members
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Class 2-E is the fifth-smartest second-year class in Fumizuki Academy. In the beginning of the series, this class would be defeated in a Summoning War conducted by Class 2-F.

Classroom Appearance[]

Their classroom is located near the left stairway and beside Class 2-F's and has plain equipment. Class E has mainly athletes in their class such as Hiromi Nakabayashi and Yoshiko Mikami.

Baka to Test to Shokanju 01

An overview of E Class(left)

Students and Staff[]

Their Class Representative is Hiromi Nakabayashi and their Class Ambassador is Yoshiko Mikami, but their homeroom teacher is unknown.



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