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Class 2-D
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Genji Hiraga

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Miharu Shimizu

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Class 2-D (also known as Class D) is the fourth-smartest second-year class in Fumizuki Academy.

Classroom Appearance[]

The interior of Class 2-D resembles that of an average classroom in a Japanese high school. Their classroom is located besides and opposite the New School Building area of the 3rd floor. The wall that separates their room from Class 2-B's is destroyed by Yoshii Akihisa Shoukanjuu during Class 2-F's first Summoner Test War with Class 2-B.

D Class

An overview of D Class(bottom right)

Students and Staff[]

The total number of students in this class is unknown, but amongst them are at least two males and twenty-one females. Their classroom consists of typical Japanese classroom equipment, and they are also known as "the medium/average/normal class". Genji Hiraga is the class representative and Miharu Shimizu is the class ambassador. Their homeroom teacher is unknown. Also, during their Summoner Test War against Class 2-F, it is revealed that their weakest subject is Mathematics.


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