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Class 2-B is the second-smartest second-year class in Fumizuki Academy.

Classroom Appearance Edit

B Class

An overview of B Class(right)

It has equipment that is high-class but not as state-of-the-art as Class 2-A's.

Students and Staff Edit

It is unknown how many students are in Class 2-B. Their classroom is located opposite Class 2-A's and beside Class 2-D's. Their Class Representative is Kyouji Nemoto, and their Class Ambassador and homeroom teacher are unknown.


Miku spotted

Hatsune Miku of Class 2-B.

  • Vocaloid CV-01, a.k.a Hatsune Miku, makes a cameo appearance as a student of Class 2-B during the war between classes B and F in episode 11 of the 1st anime season.


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