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Baka and Test Tales is a special episode in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu anime adaptation. It is bundled with the Baka and Test DVD/BDs.


"Baka and Test Tales. The avatars saw it?! Red-stained wedding dress! Hot spring in Tohoku. Tragedy in a locked room! Small property on an isolated island. Black-haired artisan's skill."

Baka and Test Tales based on the folklore with its own twists. Folklore such as "The Red Riding Hood", "Wizard of Oz", "The Sleeping Beauty", and "Momotaro".

First, Himeji Mizuki narrates the story introducing Kinoshita Hideyoshi as Little Red Riding Hood, Sakamoto Yuuji as Cowardly Lion, Yoshii Akihisa as Brainless Scarecrow, and Tsuchiya Kouta (Muttsurini) as Tin Man. The lion, scarecrow, and the robot looking suspicious appeared in front of Little Red Riding Hood. They wander about, finding Minami Shimada as Sleeping Beauty, who is woken up by a remark by the Scarecrow about her chest. They also come across Himeji Mizuki as The Good Witch who convinces them to sample her summoned food, then sends them to an island with the FFF as Oni, who turn out to be the ones at the mercy of Kirishima Shouko as Snow Black. After getting married to the Cowardly Lion, Snow Black becomes Snow White.



Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Baka and Test Tales.


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