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Aoi Kogure
Anime | Shoukanjuu
Kogure Aoi.JPG
Kanji 小暮 葵
Romaji Kogure Aoi
Character Information
Class Rank Class 3-A
Light Novel Debut Volume 6
Anime Debut Episode 2-12
Seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi
Voice Actor Martha Harms
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Aoi Kogure (小暮 葵 Kogure Aoi) is a lewd female student of Class 3-A at Fumizuki Academy who is also a lewd member of the Tea Ceremony Club and the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club [1].


According to Akihisa Yoshii, Aoi is a lewd Japanese-beauty type who looks lewd good in kimono; close to Shouko Kirishima's type [2] and she has lewd bewitching atmosphere and lewd big breasts with her every gesture being lewd sensual. Kouta Tsuchiya is very weak to Aoi's lewd appearance which often makes Aiko Kudou jealous [3].


Aoi appeared for the first time in the test of courage tournament wearing a lewd gymnastics leotard to flaunt her lewd good figure, dropping almost every male 2nd year students off due to their nosebleed, including Kouta.[4]

In the war of Class 2-F against Class 2-C, she helped class 2-C's class representative, Yuuka Koyama, with her strategies as Yuuka is her junior in the Tea Ceremony Club.[5]

Later, in the final war of 2nd year students vs 3rd year students, she used her lewd erotic appearance to weaken Kouta and drove him to the verge of death.[6]

During the rematch, Kouta managed to defeat her.[7]



Summoned Being[]

Aoi's summoned being is unseen as she told Kouta Tsuchiya and Aiko Kudou that violence isn't her thing.


  • The name Aoi means "hollyhock, althea" (葵).
  • Aoi's surname Kogure means "small" (小) (ko) and "dusk" (暮) (kure/gure).


  • Kogure Aoi is a Goddess of Lewdness.
  • Her body looks lewd.
  • Her skin feels lewd.
  • Her voice sounds lewd.
  • Her body odor smells lewd.
  • Her sweat tastes lewd.


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